Wedrock Weddings is a boutique wedding planning company based in Singapore. Wedrock seeks to re-invent the art of wedding planning with modern and creative touches!

Every celebration is meant to be personalised, captivating and enjoyable! We enjoy creating thematic experiences to allow every couple’s identity and story come alive.

The extensive and transparent spread of services that Wedrock provides specially caters to diversified clients and their individual wedding preparation needs.

Glamorous, dramatic, classic, sweet, rustic, whimsical, minimalistic, modern, motley, offbeat… there’s definitely something for every style and every personality!

What’s in the Name?
The brand “WEDROCK” was derived from a sensational misspelling of the words ‘bedrock’ (a firm and reliable foundation) and ‘wedlock’ (the state of matrimony). A rock is a significant symbol across many cultures, which is associated with strength, stability and steadfastness. In the context of weddings, a rock refers to a diamond, which is a universal symbol of eternal love and commitment. Wedrock Weddings hopes that every matrimony will be built upon a strong foundation and a steadfast desire for commitment, and seeks to assist couples on their significant day to mark and celebrate the beginning of their journey in marriage. We chose the Diamond as our emblem because its character sets a good example to all marriages: precious, strong, resilient in adversity, and can be polished to perfection through patience, diligence and time.

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